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Honoka Kosaka

Maki Nishikino (LoveLive!)No.516
Character name:

Maki Nishikino

"What nonsense!"
Anime series:


Release date:August 2015
Price:3500 Yen
Description:From the popular anime series 'LoveLive!' comes a Nendoroid of the cool, confident and somewhat sarcastic μ's member who composes the group's songs - Maki Nishikino! She has been sculpted wearing her outfit used in the song 'Bokura wa Ima no Naka de' and comes with both a smiling expression that shows off her beauty, as well as an embarrassed expression with downcast eyes.
Maki Nishikino Maki Nishikino Maki Nishikino Maki Nishikino