Peko-chan (Fujiya Peko-chan)No.613
Character name:


The girl who loves sweets, known all over Japan!
Anime series:

Fujiya Peko-chan

Release date:August 2016
Price:4500 Yen
Description:Peko-chan, the popular mascot for the 'Fujiya' confectionary stores in Japan is joining the Nendoroids! Her unique look with plump cheeks and her tongue sticking out have been faithfully transformed into a Nendoroid expression, giving Peko-chan a whole new kind of cuteness for fans to enjoy! She comes with a classic 'original expression', as well as a left facing expression and winking expression based on the more modern rendition of her character!
Peko-chan Peko-chan Peko-chan Peko-chan Peko-chan