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Pokémon Trainer Red & Green

Ash & Pikachu (Pokémon)No.800

Ash & Pikachu

"Pikachu, I choose you!"


Release date:December 2017
プライス:5000 Yen
Description:From the popular anime series celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new movie, "Pokémon", comes a Nendoroid of Ash Ketchum together with Pikachu! He has been sculpted in his original outfit from the beginning series, and comes with three different face plates including a smiling face, a more serious expression for Pokémon battles as well as a gentle smiling expression with closed eyes perfect for showing his close relationship with Pikachu!
Ash & Pikachu Ash & Pikachu Ash & Pikachu Ash & Pikachu Ash & Pikachu